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sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

Switched Debian to systemd

Well it happens that I like to live on the edge of technology so from time to time I try something new to satisfy my needs. The last time I switched to Gnome 3, which on Debian means that I have to pull some things from experimental branch.

That's over now and I was thinking what to do next. I was a little unhappy of how my system booted and because I had heard a lot of things about systemd, and all of them good, I decided to try it.

Installation was easy and fast. I followed the instructions available on the Debian wiki page and used aptitude for installation. I am following Debian testing and I also have the unstable branch in my sources.list.

I had just one problem the first time I booted. Gnome 3 (shell) did not load correctly and for a short period of time I had a Gnome2 with UI with a Gnome3 theme. That lasted until I logged out and in again.

Now everything seems to run smooth. My notebook seems to load a little bit faster. I did not run tests to see if it goes up fast, but it definitely goes down fast.

For official things about Systemd, please check the freedesktop project website.

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